Story of
River View


The former River View Guest House has gone through the upgrade and re-branding and now representing ourselves in September 2019 as River View Residence. To become the infinite destination for international travellers, River View Residence has elevated  its product, service and management to meet guests expectation. River View Residence is the one and only standing tall by the Chao Praya River and Chinatown of Bangkok.

We offer high quality hospitality service combine with the richness in its location which just a stone-thrown away to the river. Boosting our reputation as we have the breath-taking view over the river, 360 degree unmatched by no one.

The Bangkok’s Chinatown has gone through its rejuvenation with many new clubs and hidden outstanding concept bars and cafes, but still preserve its international fame for shopping and street food destinations. Talad Noi, our closed knitted community, has been openly welcome visitors from all over, is increasingly famous for its hidden Chinese mansions, car-parts shophouses, street arts, Chinese temples and street food. For over 35 years in operations, River View Residence has grown and revived along way with the community.

We are a unique destination if you are looking for adventurous street filled with authenticity where old way of living meets the new creative one. We continuously improve our rooms and service to meet the international standards with our homely service identity that make you feel like part of the family as always.

35 YEars history
In memory of
PI YAI or profesor phairin

Prof. Phairin Petchclai, aka. Pi Yai, over 35 years ago, who was then a manager
in Thailand’s top pharmaceutical company and a university lecturer, came into
management to bring this place alive. River View Guest House started to gain its reputation through time as a place with the best view and homely atmosphere.
“Your home away from home.” That was her motto every time she greets the guests. Her warmth smile and her lively laugh have always been memorable by our beloved guests. Pi Yai, has passed peacefully in October 2017, her name remains unforgettable to our guests.


One fine day, so the story continue, Mr. Joe Coming, respected writer of The Lonely Planet Thailand Edition, went on the boat trip through Chao Praya River, an 8-story-building has caught his eyes, he then got off from the boat and walked through small alley of Talad Noi,
like a miracle he found us. Later River View Guest House was listed for the first time in
The Lonely Planet as a place to stay around Chinatown and riverside. Later by Annabel Hart, another Lonely Planet reviewer, we became Top 5 Author’s Pick on The Lonely Planet Online Edition. Long before Google Map existence, many guests have found us while they took a boat trip among the midst of density. It was “words of mouth” which make our name, far before Facebook,, TripAdvisor and etc.


All rooms were transformed into more functional and more modern design. Facilities such as en-suite shower and toilet were added into river view room. Interior designer helped brought up new concept into reality. Sweet Breeze is the most luxury room with terrace incorporated with river view. It was decorated with sweet color Thai style wood panel. Dragon Move is our second best, situated on lower floor, it has red and black color concepts to play with Chinese root around us…such few examples for you to explore.



We found that our beloved guests are the most adventurous people in
the world, (true!). You have extraordinary large hearts that are widely open to the adventure. For years and years, we know that we are not easy to find, but you have found us again and again. We know that as we are close to
the river, we always have flood on October and November, the worst was last year 2011 that we were under the water for two months, still our guests have waded through the water from ankle-height, knee-height, or even waist-height to stay with us. Saying that it’s a part of River View charm, we are always so happy to see you again and again. Thank you for your support that made our hearts fulfilled. We are keeping the faith to move forward.


The latest achievement as a product of hard work is the “River Vibe Restaurant & Bar”, renovated since December 2011.  It completely changed the way our restaurant used to look like. River Vibe opens up the space to be closer to the river. A gigantic comfortable sofa bed offers relaxing space where guests and sit, read, and even sleep with the view. The rooftop terrace has been opened to the public and it became a place for chilling, sunbathing, sun setting, and beer zipping. River Vibe becomes the hotspot, a place to be, it has the best view, the best vibes, and it also gains reputation on its food and service. Our friendly and attentive staffs have been working so hard to make our guests happy. In 2016, River Vibe has won TripAdvisor Award of Excellence Service, reward for our hard work.


Our house is a family-run establishment, we treat our employee like our family, we welcome our guests like our friends, and we want you to feel homely as much as we can. We value our authenticity, honesty, and service by heart. The way we are looking in the future is to continue do what we enjoying the most, keep on delighting our guests. We want to offer you a chic-and-cool ambiance, a good view and a friendly service. We won’t stop improving ourselves, as we know we always have lots of things to do.