Story of Us

by Benny/March 2012

Our History: How it begun?

In the early 1980’s a young architect found a plot of land right in the heart of Chinatown’s Talad Noi. He and his builders carried brick by brick through the small lane, it was an utmost endeavor job, it took sweat and tears until this 8th stories guesthouse was constructed and able to perch in the sky, boosted as one of the very first guesthouse established by Bangkok’s Chao Praya River.

Here come Pi Yai...

It was not until Prof. Phairin Petchclai, aka. Pi Yai, Ph.D, who was then a manager in Thailand’s top pharmaceutical company and a university lecturer, came into management to bring this place alive. River View Guest House started to gain its reputation through time as a place with the best view and homely atmosphere. “Your home away from home.” That was her motto every time she greets the guests. Her warmth smile and her lively laugh have always been memorable by our beloved guests. Then, River View Guest House has gained the confidence by Mr. Joe Coming, was listed for the first time in The Lonely Planet, and later on many other well-known guidebook publishers. Today, Pi Yai, though not often seen around the guesthouse, has retired from routine job but participates in countless of charity works and takes position as associated judge in several courts.


Paris wasn’t built in a day, as the French travellers would have said to us, we have gone through countless of transitions, the good and the bad, but it didn’t stop us from walking forward through the ever-changing world.   

In the late 2000’s, the two daughters of Prof. Phairin, a next generation, have taken the enterprise in hands and tried to shape the place up. River View Guest House finally has received series of renovations, as she was so much needed.

Never Forger Who We Are

River View Guest House has never been a hotel, nor we ever want to become one. Our house is a family-run establishment, we treat our employee like our family, we welcome our guests like our friends, and we want you to feel homely as much as we can. We value our authenticity, honesty, and service by heart. The way we are looking in the future is to continue do what we enjoying the most, keep on delighting our guests. We want to offer you a chic-and-cool ambiance, a good view and a friendly service. We won’t stop improving ourselves, as we know we always have lots of things to do.

River View Guest House hasn’t built in one day, but we are all working on it every single day.